Top 19 benefits of Moringa(malunggay):

Many have proclaimed that Moringa(malunggay) is a super plant and here the 19 top reasons whhy:

  1. Excellent nutritional support
  2. Lowers serum cholesterol
  3. Help to control blood sugar
  4. May help fight various types of cancers
  5. Reduces inflammation in the body
  6. The leaves and drumsticks provide energy boost
  7. Improves immune function
  8. The leaves promote weight loss
  9. Useful for treating gastrointestinal problems
  10. The leaves increase breast milk in lactating mothers
  11. The root can improve kidney function
  12. Regulates thyroid function
  13. Provides relief from rheumatoid arthritis
  14. Gives relief from insomnia
  15. Stimulates hair growth
  16. Reduces dandruff and other scalp problems
  17. Controls skin wrinkles and fine lines
  18. Reduces acne and blackheads
  19. Helps control eczema and psoriasis

Resources: Natural Living Ideas