Chrimi Premium FULVIC and BiOrganic Hair Grower

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Fulvic & Hairgrower2

Every part and parcel of our body is composed of cells around 60 billion cells. The entire human structure and its metabolic function is governed by cells that should be strengthened, regulated and remained healthy for the rest of our lives. So our responsibility is to make them strong to perform its normal functions.


Fulvic Humic Composition

90% growth and maintenance nutrients needed to sustain life that includes Amino Acid, Minerals, Vitamins and other Nutritional Factors. The cells then create the building blocks for the total metabolic machines of our life processes.

 Chirmi Fulvic Suplement



It is a powerful detoxifier. It chelates heavy metals, toxins and poison out of the body. It has a porous structure that accommodate minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and other Electrolytes that is readily absorbed and utilized by the body.



  • Viral Respiratory Illnesses
  • Cancer and related cancer causing viruses.
  • Anti-viral, Anti- Inflammatory
  • Powerful chelating agent among material organic substance
  • Stimulate immune system responses in the human body
  • Eczema & skin diseases
  • Allergies 8. Hardening of the arteries
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Gallstone & Kidney stone.




Biorganic Hair Grower is an innovative formulation for total hair and scalp care. A better alternative for synthetic hair grower products; an all-natural, organic and bio-active infused liquid which gives you an optimum result on hair growth requirement. It is made up of finest Mineral Oil, powered by 9 Herbs for hair care and scalp conditioning. It is catalyzed by a potent bio-active ingredient to deliver the nutrients from the herbs directly to hair and scalp cells which leads to opening of hair follicles. Serves also as an Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral agent. It also strengthens hair and prevents hair fall. It moisturizes hair thus giving you a healthy and shiny hair. It also fights dandruff. When used regularly to experience the maximum benefit.


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